1. Go to to log in to LeagueMinder.
  1. Enter your Username and Password in the designated fields. Click “Login.”
  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, click “Alert”

  1. A new page will open up and show what teams already have alerts set up and you also have the ability to add new alerts by clicking “Send Alert” at the top right.

  1. When you click “Send Alert”, a pop up screen appears that lets you select a team, choose whether the alert gets posted on the team website, select an expiration date for the alert, and have the actual message description.

  1. In order to delete alerts for a specific team, click on the trashcan at the bottom right corner of the alert.

  1. To view Preferences, Invite Users, and view Subscribers list for alerts, click the 3 vertical dots next to alert history at the top right of the page.

  1. Preferences shows users how they will be contacted
  1. Invite Users allows you to select the team that the alerts will be for and enter the email addresses of the users who shall receives the alerts.
  1. Subscribers gives you a list of all of the subscribers to the alerts.